The Master’s Plan


Phase I
$750,000 (Completely Finished and Paid for Without Borrowing)

Here are the highlights:

  • New Rec Pond
  • Camp Manager and Food Service Director’s Houses Renovated
  • Adding 138 Bunks
  • Paint and Refurbish Motel Rooms
  • Replace all Computers with MACS
  • Demolition of Cedar Bunkhouse
  • Littleton Chapel Renovation
  • New Tabernacle “Roughed In”

Phase II
$750,000 (Completely Finished and Paid for Without Borrowing)

  • New Tabernacle
  • 120’ X 80’ Covered Basketball Pavilion
  • Pre-School Playground

Phase III
$750,000 (Not Yet Funded)

  • New Recreation Swimming Pool Building
  • “Bunkhouse Village” (3 New Bunkhouses with 124 bunks)
  • New Entryways and Security Gates
  • RV Park Renovation
  • Staff Housing Upgrades
  • Dining Hall/Kitchen Renovations
  • Road Renovations

PDF of Master’s Plan