Prayer Warriors

BCBA Prayer Warriors

God’s Hands are constantly at work at Big Country. As people come, His Spirit is continuously moving in a mighty way and it is because His people have joined together in praying for this ministry. As the Lord leads, we ask that you continue to keep Big Country in your thoughts in prayers as we are seeking His will for His camp. Thank you to all who support us and please continue to pray for these campgrounds.

    • Pray for our campers coming up this week and/or the campers we already have at BCBA at this very moment.
      – They may not be Christians. Pray for their salvation.
      – They may have turned their backs on the Lord Jesus. Pray that they might recommit their lives to Him.
      – All of our campers need a fresh word from God and clarity of mind to make critical decisions everyday.
      – Pray that they hear from God during their stay.


    • Pray for summer staff that will be chosen for the 2013 season.


    • Continue to pray for last year’s summer staff as they go their different directions and as the Lord continues to work in their lives this school year.


    • Pray for the current BCBA staff as we continue to work hard and prepare for our groups this day and all our upcoming groups this week: Larry and Karen Searcy, Marry Kits, Tim Gouge, Dona and Marvin Baucom, Jody and Butch Hinkle, and Denise Adams.


    • Guidance for our Board of Directors and God-given wisdom to make decisions in order to follow Christ in all we do at this camp.


    • The “Master’s Plan” fundraising and for God’s hand in all we do financially: remodeling of bunkhouses, and more recreation improvements, etc…


    • Praise for a wonderful gift from Interstate Batteries and Norm Miller for a total amount of $400,000!