Our Purpose

BCBA is a special place to serve our Lord Jesus and to retreat as a camper. Staff here will constantly strive to deliver superior quality and service to our campers that really makes a difference. We are always searching for better ways to care for our campers. We put them first, which is our primary,God-given, fundamental job description.

Our Camper’s Connection with Jesus is Our #1 Purpose

We believe that there is a real connection between “comfort” and “The Comforter” (the Holy Spirit).Our job is to provide quality food and service, eliminate distractions, and create special, comfortable places. We strive to create that atmosphere that’s most conducive to the moving of the Holy Spirit.

Open & Honest Communication

It’s our God-given desire and purpose to establish clear, open and ongoing dialogue with positive intent, whether internally with staff or externally with campers. We readily and humbly acknowledge that we have much to learn about being a top notch camp. We listen for God’s voice when you speak.


Leadership and teamwork are at the heart of BCBA’s past successes and future achievements! We firmly believe as adopted members of God’s family that it’s not God’s Will unless it’s God’s Will for us all. Your group leaders and our BCBA staff will become one united team during your event.

Genuine Prayer & Concern

Every group that attends BCBA is prayed for by our staff each morning before we begin our preparations for your event. We understand that if your folks don’t hear from God during your stay, then all of the time and money spent towards this event has been wasted. Our love is deliberate, and intentional towards our campers, just as Christ’s love is towards us.


We will continue to respectfully challenge the status quo & encourage new ideas. We strive to learn from our past as we consider new and challenging ideas for the future.


It’s so easy to be dedicated to our work when we’re having fun. Most of the time we’re having a blast serving our campers. Sometimes circumstances turn this into a real JOB. By God’s Grace we pray that our campers never know the difference. Our dedication is fueled by His Grace, not our willpower.

True Enthusiasm

True enthusiasm (A greek word that literally translated means “God in you”) for this ministry is fundamental to the growth that we’ve enjoyed here for several years now. “Christ in us” (and in our campers) is indeed our hope of Glory. -Colossians 1:23-25

Bottom Line: Reaching Our Campers for Christ

Perhaps we are “the little camp that can’t”… but God certainly “CAN”. The BCBA focus is not on us, but on “the Bride of Christ” whom He died for. Our question will always be:

“What can we do to help our area churches reach more people for Christ?”