Financial Partners

Business Partners

Automated Copy Systems
Conley Printing
Dodge Jones Foundation
Hardin Simmons University
Interstate Battery Systems of America
KGNZ Christian Radio
Lainco, Inc

Financial Church and Baptist Association Partners

College View BC
Gilliland BC
Paint Creek BC
Avondale BC
Roscoe FBC
Sweetwater FBC
Trent FBC
Lamar Street BC
Nolan BC
Clearfork BC
Trinity BC Sweetwater
Bethany BC
Bethel BC Eastland
Calvary BC Cisco
East Side BC Cisco
Eastside BC Ranger
Albany FBC
Breckenridge FBC
Cisco FBC
Gorman FBC
Ranger FBC
Rising Star FBC
Friendship BC Albany
Elmdale BC
Kokomo BC
Lakeside BC
New Hope BC
Olden BC
Abilene FBC
Eastland FBC
Abilene-Callahan Baptist Assoc.
Lawn FBC
Tri-County Baptist Association
Swenson BC
North Central BC
MacKenzie Trail Cowboy Church
Leon River Cowboy Church
Merkel FBC
Hamby BC
Lytle South BC
Ovalo BC
Belmont BC
Pioneer Drive Baptist Church
Potosi BC
Ridgemont BC
Second BC
Abilene South Side BC
Tye BC
View BC
Wylie BC
Avoca BC
Calvary BC Rotan
Central BC Hamlin
Central BC Stamford
Cross Roads BC
Anson FBC
Aspermont FBC
Hamlin FBC
Hawley FBC
Jayton FBC
Lueders FBC
Roby FBC
Rotan FBC
Stamford FBC
Hodges BC
Ft. Phantom Hill BC
Buffalo Gap FBC
Noodle BC
Sylvester BC
Trinity Stamford
Calvary BC
Abilene; Baird FBC
Cherry Heights BC
Clyde FBC
Cottonwood BC
Denton Valley BC
Eula FBC
Oplin BC
Caps BC
Haskell FBC
Benjamin BC
Knox City FBC
Munday FBC
Rochester FBC
Rule FBC
Weinert FBC
Harmony BC

BCBA has other supporting churches who do not give directly to the camp financially. They are still supporting churches because they are members of one of the 4 Southern Baptist Associations that own the camp. They might give financially through their local Baptist Association and that Association may pass their support on to the camp. They may also support us in volunteer help or in prayer.

Financial Individual Partners

One might understand and respect the wish of many BCBA donors to remain anonymous. Any list of this sort listed in a public way might compromise their privacy and make them a target for solicitation by many other groups. For this reason, we simply do not list the names of our individual donors publicly. However, we love them and praise God for them everyday.